The Ivory mutation of the Splendid.

Two hens both Ivory one of each type.

There are two mutation that are called ivory, the first ivory, a combination of Cinnamon and Isabel (both sex-linked) and White breasted blue. The other one is a combination of cinnamon, Lutino (again both sex-linked) and white breasted blue, often called ‘Ino Ivory.’

To understand the difference between the two birds in colour I will explain the linkage between Isabel and Lutino.   Visually it is not possible to have a bird showing both lutino and Isabel as both of these mutations are on the same gene. This bird in appearance is Isabel, but it is also Lutino, so is written Isabellutino.  But to confuse things genetically a male bird can be both, but a female cannot; it is just what it looks like, a lutino or Isabel and cannot carry the other colour.

Type one    Ivory.    (Cinnamon, Isabel and White breasted blue)

Visually it is pearl grey body and a powder blue head, feet and beak are brown black, and the central spine of the feather is a reduced brown (the brown is the effect of the cinnamon) and the reduced colour is the diluting effect of the Isabel.

Type two   Ino Ivory.  (Cinnamon, Lutino and white breasted blue) this bird has also the dark factor

This bird is almost white in appearance, with a hint of cinnamon showing mostly in the in the tail and flights.
The dark factor can be added to either type of Ivory and it intensifies the body colour and darkens the tail and flights, and as you would expect showing the greatest change when added to the type one bird.

I am probally the first breeder to breed the combination of  Opaline, Violet, Lutino, cinnamon, whitebreasted. this combination has a crossover of the sexlinked mutations.

Pic coming soon.