Please enjoy looking at my birds and their accommodation. I have kept and bred birds for more than sixty years and my bloodline in grass Parakeets (Neophemas) go back more than forty years. I enjoy breeding mutations always ensuring that the quality and size of the birds is not compromised. All birds offered for sale from this site have been bred by me and carry my name on the ring. I do not buy, exchange, or deal in birds in any way.

I have exported my birds over the years to many countries. it is still very easy and not expensive within the EU, as no quarantine is needed.  But with the new restrictions posed by Animal Health Agencies in countries outside the EU for the import of birds since the bird flu scare, it has become very expensive to undertake,

Over the years I have written many articles on grass Parakeets and also many other species of birds that I have kept and bred.  These have been published around the world and everything I write is from my own experiences. With the success of the splendid dairy for Cage and Aviary Birds Magazine I have now written a book called Simply splendid (details how to buy on another page of this site)It contains everything I have leaned over the last forty years of keeping these little birds. It contains all the information required to get started with splendids and also contains the very latest developments of the mutations of the splendid.
I have been lucky enough to have traveled the world photographing birds and wildlife. Reports of these trips are contained in this website.
I was chairman of both The Parrot Society UK and Strategy for Birds Group, a member of the Parliamentary Group for Animal welfare (APGAW) and I was also a member of the working group set up by DEFRA looking at animal welfare.